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  • happypuppy Newbie
  • happypuppy Newbie
    So what songs do yall love?
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    Avenger16 Novice
    Crash - by fit for rivals.
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    Anastasia Expert
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    rockstar98 Experienced
    Te Queiro by Niga
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    Luna Siren Novice
    The Last Time - Taylor Swift ft. Gary Lightbody
    Mr. Know-it-All - Kelly Clarkson
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    meep da first Novice
    Safe and sound- capital cities
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    LuckyFirefly Junior
    Ms. Independent
    You Don't Know Me
    How to Save a Life
    Just a Reason
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    Rave098 Experienced
    New Low
    Can't hold us
    The Devil Went Down To Georgia
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    Omega_Wolf Novice
    Can't Hold us
    Mackelmore Mix
    How to Save a Life
    Paper Stars
    You're gonna go far kid
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    rascal1178 Advanced
    Famous last Words
    Heaven Help Us
    Welcome to the Black Parade
    Welcome to Paradise
    Wake Me Up When September Ends
    Wake Me Up Inside
    My Immortal
    Everybody's Fool
    Bitter Taste
    Rebel Love Song
    New Religion
    Fallen Angels
    Same Love
  • esthie Newbie
    Haunted - Swift
    Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
    Sing - MCR
    Numb - LP
    Diary of Jane - BB
    Vox Humana - Balazs
    Romeo and Cinderella - Rin/Len
    High Road - 3DG
    Here's to Never Growing Up - Lavigne
    My Happy Ending - Lavigne
    You Found Me - The Fray
    Listen to Your Heart - D.H.T.
    If You Could See Me Now - The Script
    Praeludium and Allegro - Kreisler
    Already Gone - Clarkson
    Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against
    Good Life - OneRepublic
    Starlight - Muse
    The Best Day - Swift
    Hands Held High - LP
    Secrets - OneRepublic
    Daylight - Maroon 5
    Malibu Dreams - K.G.
    Let It Burn - Red
    Runaway - LP
    Just a Dream - Nelly
    Tears of the East - Wesley
    Comatose - Skillet
    Raise Your Glass - P!nk
    Why Can't I? - Liz Phair
    Prelude - Winston
    This is what I drew from my experience from trying all kinds of music.
    I guess I like pop and rock, mostly.
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    Anastasia Expert
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    scolionophobia Advanced
    C'mon - panic at the disco

    This is gospel - panic at the disco

    Diana - one direction

    Somewhere in Neverland - all time low

    Skinny Love - birdy
  • Donotdisturb Newbie
    roar,love story,you belong with me,when you were gone,fireworks,what the hell,wish you were,fifteen,what makes you beautiful

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