Wat ur fav movie that just came out?

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Thread Topic: Wat ur fav movie that just came out?

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    vampgirl14 Novice
    i liked avatar
  • Alana Newbie
    New Moon all the way!!!!
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    rachcab21 Novice
    New Moon sucks like s---!
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    I like music Novice
    I hate Twilight, it can go to hell, Avatar is way better!
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    Nicole7 Newbie
    its Eclipse
  • GlassFoot Newbie
    Toy Story 3
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    eclips i like the fight sence >:)

    we REALLY need an evil smile
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    lilfreakgryl Newbie
    I like Blind Side but it's not really that new..
  • pudingeX Newbie
    Scott pilgrim vs the world
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    RED was definitely my favorite
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    catherine99 Novice
    Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World!!!! thats so good s---!
  • Jade Black Novice
    eclipse. that one was awesome!

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