Do u have any celeb crushes?

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Thread Topic: Do u have any celeb crushes?

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    Ellis Redding Experienced
    Lol ana, like all these people are out of our age ranges.
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    Anastasia Senior
    lol yeah but... yeah......yet.....ok
  • coolme3 Junior
    @ Anastasia haha yaa... only 23 years older than me.... and he's married... no big deal xD
    he does have a son who's 15... heehee
  • iluvsethM Newbie
    i like....seth macfarlane, robert downey jr, johnny depp, matthew gray gubler, joseph gordon-levitt, and gerard butler:)...thats a lot
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    Anastasia Senior
    I ish a huge fan of Oli Skyes and Craig Mabbit now xP

    @cm lol yeah same age diff with me xD I used to really like him and was like hmm he's married and stuff, might be a little out of my league xD
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    coolme3 Junior
    @ Ana.. yaa... I don't really have a crush on him I just really like him cuz he's awesome and I love green day
  • jblover5678 Newbie
    justin bieber is sooooooo smexy
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    Amywhite Advanced
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    coolme3 Junior
    I hate Justin beaver.
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    sex_me Novice
    Johnny Depp
    Orlando Bloom
    Megan Fox
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    sugarnspice22 Junior
    Jason Statham, Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera ;)
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    hale4456 Junior
    Ronnie Radke Andy Sixx and Craig Mabin..IM A GIRL DONT MIND THE PIC ITS A PIC OF MY FRIEND! lol
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    kelbylover Novice
    okay so i have a crush on

    1. justin bieber
    2. taylor lautner
    3.leanardo decaprio
    and last but not least
    4.johnney depp(when he played in cry baby)
  • smartgirl115 Newbie
    Usher Raymond is cute, and so is Ne-Yo :-)
  • I LOVE Nalis Allen Stewart Jr. AKA BOO BOO STEWART! He looks smexy without a shirt. ;)

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