movies you've seen recently

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Thread Topic: movies you've seen recently

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    coolme3 Experienced
    I went to see the green lantern with the guy I kinda like :}

    and with my dad and my brother I saw the new x-men movie. it was really good.

    and at home I watched airplane. hehe.
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    harpusrox7 Novice
    i saw cars 2 in the movie theater last week
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    6 6 sick Experienced
    I just saw'From Beyond' the otherday,its from 1986 but it was new to me.
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    Raven11 Junior
    i read New Moon, my mom let me go over to a friends house and watch it. so, my brain is kind of dead. ya know when you just sit there for a cuple of hours and do absolutely nothing. ya that
  • tongue Advanced
    X-Men First Class
    The Hangover Part II

    I enjoyed both. I was especially impressed by X-Men.
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    heyilikepie Novice
    I watched I am Number 4 today with my friends. :)
  • I saw Bad Teacher and The Hangover Part II last night. Too much nudity for my tastes.
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    tomboykaitie Hot Shot
    Transformers in 3-D.
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    Phoenix Night Novice
    X-Men; First Class and have tickets to the premiere of Harry Potter in Fresno
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    madid Novice
    Umm...None. There is nothing out I want to watch.

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