Biggest movie pet peeves?

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Thread Topic: Biggest movie pet peeves?

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    Acrimony Advanced
    What's something you find annoying in movies? Be it tropes, certain sound effects or plots - I wanna know !!

    Here's two of mine that I can think of right off the bat:

    The overly intelligent kid
    I haaaatee this one so much. When a movie tries to accurately portray a child but ends up making them Einstein in a childs body. This isn't for movies that use the "child genius" character as a gag or plot- or for children's films either. This is for m+ movies that seem to not understand how a child would act. I know very well how stupid children can be sometimes >:(

    Overuse of gore and jumpscares in horror movies
    When a horror movie can only rely on jumpscares to scare the audience, I feel like that proves that it isn't a very scary movie. It's the same with gore. If the only way a director is able to frighten or disturb the audience is with "oohlook at this blooood and goreee" then I feel like it's because the movie and plot itself isnt very good. Gore and jumpscares are fine, but when its overused it becomes boring and stale and cheap
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    The Geek Expert
    when the dad dies
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    SprinkledSpice Experienced
    When a character is a gosh darn FOOL
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    Faceless Knight Advanced
    infinite ammo guns
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    Keyboard Junior
    When the mom dies on Disney princess movies

    I’m serious, almost every Disney princess movie the mother is dead.

    Some of them still have their dads (ex: Belle and Ariel) but most of the time they’re just... dead.
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    dragonsfire Advanced
    When they somehow defy the laws of physics.
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    Tater_Tot Novice
    When someone yells, "RUN!" and they all start jogging instead of running.
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    SprinkledSpice Experienced

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    LazerRex Newbie
    Unnecessary kissing etc.
    It often has no place in the story, doesn't develope the characters, and if anything reflects poorly on them.

    Also ninja girls.
    Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against girls and if they have are believably strong/skilled than it's cool, but it seems they always have to make a haughty girl character who can somehow do a bunch of flips and take out twenty guys all on her own.

    And yeah, everything y'all said ;)

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