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  • Haylii2 Newbie
    Well? do you like him or not? I personally don't. Proof=C'mon,I hung a JB poster and played darts.lol.
    No bad answers also
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    Carri04 Senior
    I have no opinion on this.

    a vast majority of the JB fandom are haters, they're making him more popular

    if everyone just stfu and not gave a f--- n forgot about him

    the douche wouldn't have his fame.
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    AngelofDeath Experienced
    I just file him in the "Who Gives A s---?" section of my memory warehouse.
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    tomboykaitie Senior
    I don't really care about him. I'm not a hater or an obsessed fangirl. Meh, but I'll admit I like one or two of his songs. But I think he's getting more fame than he deserves... probably because of what Ting mentioned :P
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    Demontheangel Novice
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    Nakita Novice
    I despise his singing voice. >.< I don't hate him personally...but...HIS VOICE... DX It just bothers me.
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    Anastasia Senior
    Neutral, I don't care.
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    Wooden Bridge Novice
    Me too...neutral

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