What is Writer's block?

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Thread Topic: What is Writer's block?

  • Bionca Novice
    Please explain me.
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    barberbob2 Senior
    *Please explain it to me.*
    Damn I hate grammatical errors.

    Anyways, Writers block is when you have to write or want to write, but can't think of anything to write. It could be like not knowing what you want your essay to be about, or not being sure how to word something.
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    Rockstar123 Advanced
    I have this a lot. It's when you have a block thrown to your head and it's too swollen that you can't think properly. If you have this, I would see a doctor as soon as possible.

    Nah, I keed. What Barberbob2 said.
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    Skyler Potter Novice
    Happens to me just about everytime I want to write.

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