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    IcyDesignns Experienced
    The Pain

    Sitting in a small black corner
    Drowning in my tears
    Wash a way the blood
    You opened, beating through my skin

    What did I do to deserve such torture?
    What made you want to hurt me so bad?
    It seemed you loved me at first
    But the bruises led my mind to think otherwise

    I cry myself to sleep each night
    Hoping you would stop
    The pain is exploding inside of me
    But the tears and screaming pleasure you

    Won't you stop?
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    IcyDesignns Experienced

    The tears of happiness
    Come shooting out of me
    When I see his little face
    Then, his entire body next

    Five pounds
    And nine inches
    Of pure love and joy
    An whole package in one

    Dirty blonde hair
    And emerald green eyes
    The cutest thing
    I've ever seen

    Hug him, love him
    Kiss him good night
    They say he's as cute as a pumpkin
    They call him Elijah
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    IcyDesignns Experienced
    My Best Friend

    Your there for me
    When I need to most
    Your there for me
    Even when I don't

    I give you hugs
    And say nice things
    But did I mention
    Your like a sister to me?

    Best friends stick together
    Until the very end
    And you, my dear,
    Bring me back to life again

    I love the way you smile
    And talk the way you do
    You, Tori, are my best friend
    Until the very end
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    IcyDesignns Experienced
    Love On The Beach

    We splash and play
    Until the end of the day
    I wouldn't have enjoyed
    This as much without you

    Beaches are fun
    I must admit
    But at the beach with you
    Makes me smile more then I usually do

    Forget everything
    And fall into your eyes
    Yet sometimes I wonder
    Why you've choosen me

    To spend the best times with
    And love and charish everyday
    You open up my heart and make me see
    That your everything I'll ever need
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    Hephaestuschild Hot Shot
    Shards of glass
    Slice at your hands
    Yet you still reach for that one thing
    Fiery embers
    Devour your skin
    Is what your reaching for worth it?
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    IcyDesignns Experienced
    Heart Broken

    My heart has shattered
    Into millions of pieces
    Never will I be able
    To love once again

    You've broken my heart
    Over one hundred times
    Now you try to come back
    And claim your mine?

    I could never trust you
    Never will I
    My hearts been hurt to much
    It can't take anymore pain

    Yet one things still unanswered
    Did you ever even care?
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    Teresa22 Advanced
    Not There

    Reach towards the good times.
    Did they ever exist?
    Reach towards a lighter.
    You can't be trusted.
    Reach to a friend.
    That isn't there.
    It doesn't exist,
    So what's the point?
    If I die today,
    If we die together,
    Or how I died alone.
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    IcyDesignns Experienced
    Love Game

    You think of love
    As just a game
    If I asked for us to be together again
    Would it ever be the same?

    Would you stop being a player
    And cheat every time?
    Would you play by the rules
    And not lie about your cards?

    Tell me, dear,
    Could you change?
    Or would love to you
    Still be a game?
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    IcyDesignns Experienced
    Regrets & Mistakes

    I felt a cold breeze
    Shiver down the spine of my back
    Regrets and mistakes
    That happened in the past

    You can't judge by the past
    Because we're no longer there
    We're here in the present
    Or who knows where

    I know I've done wrong
    No one is perfect
    But I didn't expect
    The harsh memories to be lerking

    I cannot wish to take everything back
    The past is the past
    Accept me with my regrets and mistakes
    Or don't accept me at all
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    IcyDesignns Experienced
    I'm Scared

    I'm scared
    Not of you
    But the fact that I might loose you
    You mean everything to me

    I'm scared you'll find another girl
    And call her yours
    I'm scared you'll forget about me while I'm gone
    Like I never existed

    I'm scared that we'll just turn into faded memory
    The love he had
    The laugh we shared
    I'm scared
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    IcyDesignns Experienced
    Shared Heart

    Fold your arms tightly around me
    Comfort me until I'm asleep
    Kiss me like there's no tomorrow
    Love me with all your heart

    This is all I want from you
    Doesn't seem so hard
    But when I lean to kiss your cheek
    Your whole world falls apart

    It seems as if you don't enjoy my company
    Or ever want me around
    Was there something you had against me?
    Did you not love me?

    Yet all these questions led to another
    And the truth was let out
    Your heart never belonged to just me
    You shared it with her
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    PurpleRaven Novice
    love me now or love me never
    but im still keeping your knit sweater
    you say you love me
    but is it the truth?
    i feel abandoned and heart broken too
    i wonder where you go late at night
    when i wake up and see you not by my side
    youv sneaken out again to see him
    i guess one love wasnt enough
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    IcyDesignns Experienced

    They told me to stay away
    And never to come back
    I felt so welcomed here
    Yet the love and friendship lacked

    I asked for forgiveness
    To whatever I've done wrong
    But I've been abandoned
    I knew I didn't belong

    I'm out on the streets
    Not a thing to eat
    Just you and me suffering
    From the hatred and no support
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    PurpleRaven Novice
    i ate your pie
    you left on the counter
    yes im admiting i also took it in the shower
    i ate it all up
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    I Forgot My Name Experienced
    Who Do You Think You Are?

    You're the reason why I have the scars.
    You left me in this black pit.
    I tell you all the time you're doing wrong,
    but then you do something to make me give in.
    I'm dying here.
    You've left me hanging.

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