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    PurpleRaven Novice
    rope necklace

    i hung myself on the ceiling fan
    and watched myself in the mirror
    the rope burn, well, burning
    rope necklace around my neck
    this is it for me
    i wish 4 you the best
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    IcyDesignns Experienced
    My Dear Old Friend

    My dear old friend
    Give me a hug
    Long time no see
    How you been?

    I've been good
    Struggling to survive without you
    I was dieing inside
    But I'm not now that I've found you again
    My dear old friend
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    IcyDesignns Experienced
    Creature In The Attic

    Curling in a ball
    Apon my soft bed
    Shivering in fear
    From the attic up ahead

    I've been in there before
    Never will I go again
    I saw something up there
    It's out to kill me

    It whispers my name at night
    And sits in my rocking chair
    It haunts me everyday
    It wants to kill me

    I'm scared of it
    But I must obey
    And If I don't behave
    I'll be dead today
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    AZY Experienced
    Broken Promises

    Broken promises
    Lies on my face
    Who am I
    To say I can't

    You left me
    Alone forever
    Without your love
    we're not together

    Broken Promises
    Who I believed
    You don't love me
    I can't be free
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    AZY Experienced
    Love ain't forever

    I love you
    Your lips on mine
    but you make me cry

    You never cared
    my heart is now broken
    no faith
    no love

    I die today
    I want to say
    I love you,
    until the end
    but it ain't forever
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    IcyDesignns Experienced
    Stupid Dreams

    I dream of you everyday
    And hope you'll come see me one day
    Who am I
    To dream such foolish dreams?

    Stupid dreams
    They'll never come true
    Who am I
    To fall for a guy like you?

    I see us together
    Riding on a horse at dawn
    Kissing each other, your the first to yawn
    Stupid dreams to never come true
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    AZY Experienced
    I Know

    My everything
    You make me shine
    You kiss me goodnight
    But I know

    You hug me tight
    leave me be
    I love you
    And you do too

    Our future is
    full of diamonds
    I know

    I'll die for you
    You say you would
    But I know
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    IcyDesignns Experienced

    They've tried to take you away from me before
    And they did it once again
    I remember reaching my arm out for you
    But they pulled your hand back

    They locked you up in the chambers
    Nothing but cheese to eat
    They treat you like a pet
    But your everything to me

    My sister, my friend,
    They took you away
    Far away
    Will you return? For me?

    I venture forth to try and find you
    But I can't, I wanted to keep going, but I couldn't
    They've taken you
    They've taken you
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    AZY Experienced
    Stranger to me

    Stranger to me
    Who are you know
    I knew you
    but that was long ago

    I love you
    You say you do
    But I don't know you!

    My tears fall for you
    I miss you
    I try to call
    No answer

    I feel alone
    Hug me
    Don't let go
    I need you

    I try to smile
    But I can't
    It's a curse

    You make me smile
    I don't know you

    Who are you?
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    IcyDesignns Experienced
    They Don't Understand

    I love you a lot
    And I know that you love me
    But your parents
    They hate me

    They'll never let us be
    We have to go our separate ways
    And see other people
    I'm sorry, but, I can't take this anymore

    Your parents
    They don't understand
    We were made for each other
    We love each other

    I have to let you go now
    And find my next love
    They just don't understand
    So here's our last hug
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    AZY Experienced

    I'm trying to be her
    A person I'm not
    She's perfect
    I'm not

    She's pretty
    Don't look at me
    I know her enough to say
    I'm replacing you

    You've replaced me
    It wasn't hard
    You know that

    I'm not yours anymore
    You lost me
    My love nad freindship

    Can we try again?
    Do you care?
    Are we trying?
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    IcyDesignns Experienced
    I Have To Go

    I have something to say you to
    I have to leave for some time
    I'm telling you now
    Don't wait on or remember me

    So just give me a hug
    Don't remember me
    I don't want it to hurt
    Like I was never there

    I have to go for awhile
    So I must say goodbye, my friend
    I don't know when or if I'll be back
    So adios until then
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    AZY Experienced

    Don't leave
    Don't cry
    I'm in pain
    to see you die

    I'm crying while typing
    and saying how much
    I love you

    Don't try
    Don't go
    I'll be here
    by your side
    Don't fear

    Hold you in my arms
    making you laugh
    It's no game

    You won
    I lost
    I'm happy
    You'll stay?

    Don't ever pray.
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    IcyDesignns Experienced
    Can We Be Friends Again?

    I'm so sorry
    I really am
    I just can't take it anymore

    I might give you
    One last chance
    To be best friends
    Like the times back then

    Do I mean a thing to now?
    Or have you already forgotten?
    I want to be your friend again
    I'm begging for forgiveness
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    AZY Experienced
    Move on

    I pick you
    until the end
    Of my life

    Your inportant to me
    Your amazing
    My love
    My trust

    It's a dream
    I wake up and your gone
    I'm crazy to say I love you

    Gone, four letters
    So hard to say
    Move on

    The truth is
    I can't!
    I never will
    I'll imagine you here
    by my side
    Till the end of time

    Then we'll be gone

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