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    PurpleRaven Novice
    can you both just shut up?
    your annoying to me
    just become besties again
    like you used to been
    dang i hate my poems
    they don't even have a title
    i just hope icys reading this
    maybe shell be more nice
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    IcyDesignns Experienced

    Don't tell me to shut up
    You don't control me
    Don't tell me what to do
    You don't own me

    Don't act like your better
    Because I know the truth
    Your sad because she cheated on
    And never loved you

    Don't try to get my attention
    Because I'm trying just as hard
    to get away
    Don't love me
    I don't care
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    AZY Experienced

    Why are you here?
    You don't know me
    I'm not britney spears
    So don't control me

    You call be a bitch
    I don't care but why?
    I'm unique and yet calm
    I try hard to get my crown

    Am I useless?
    Please I know you
    You love me

    I'm going now and just remember
    Who I'm
    I'm a girl with the word "Why?'
    On her tears
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    IcyDesignns Experienced
    Please, don't go
    I need you here
    Your one amazing chick
    Your nothing like Britney Spears

    Your better
    I must admit
    I just miss the old days
    The memories
    The bliss~.
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    AZY Experienced

    I'm sorry
    You can forget me
    Please do it

    I'm not better
    I'm stupid and dumb
    I miss them too but guess what?

    They are just memories
    I want to bring them to life
    but it's hard

    There's someone in it that is stopping me
    I can't hurt her or you
    I'm nothing and your everything
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    IcyDesignns Experienced
    Always Be My Friend

    I don't feel the same way
    You're an awesome chick
    I can't forget you
    Do you really think I would?

    Just go to Offbeat
    We can chat there
    Remember I'm your friend
    So I refuse to stop our memories

    Our times together will not be forgotten
    More memories are to come
    Trust me, our friendship is worth it
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    Every time I try it seems like there just isn't right
    Inside this strange world, every time I cry, it
    Seems like I'm all alone inside this strange world,
    Every time i try to forget, it always comes back, haunting
    Me, I just want to forget it, not regret it. I just want to start
    Crying forever since I'm just nothing, just a speck of dust,
    Trying to get through this day without being blown away.
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    Rue Novice
    If I were to hold out my hand, would you take it with no thought,
    Or would you leave it there to die,
    Would you take it and run or would you just leave it
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    madid Experienced
    Dont bother with the greeting cards
    You'll all be dead to me someday
    I hope this is worth the price you paid
    Shouldn't this part be hard?
    Shouldn't I be crying my eyes out?
    Toothpaste, you can't jump back in once you're out
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    IcyDesignns Experienced
    Broken Dream

    People keep crushing
    And hurting my dreams
    Not a worry in the world
    Of what it means to me

    I try everyday to be successful
    And ignore the hatred
    But people just push me down
    And step all over me

    Do I mean anything to anyone?
    Am I a waiste of space here?
    I feel like I don't belong
    Everyone here is talented
    I'm nothing

    How could I be anything?
    When everyone doubts me
    But one day I started to believe
    That my dream will never be
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    Living things

    Living things betray,
    living things belive,
    living things build somithing where nothing was
    living things were meant to live
    Yet none take the chance

    Living things regret
    living things react
    yet most are clones of eachother
    and living things are living things
    are they not?

    Living things love
    Living things lies
    yet lies are stories
    and stories are lives

    Nothing is like the stories
    everyone is drones
    We live in a world that kills its self
    living things
    are they living things
    or a wisper off my lips

    Or a nightmare come to life
    Lies are stories,
    And stories arnt lives
  • flutterwing Junior
    Shattered Feelings

    My feelings are shattered
    My face tear stained.
    Why no one likes me
    I have no clue.
    Everyone is mean to me
    Day and night
    My feelings
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    IcyDesignns Experienced

    Don't you regret it?
    Don't you regret leaving me alone
    With no place to call home?

    On the brutal streets
    With not a thing to eat
    But berries from bushes
    That could be harmful to me?

    Don't you regret it?
    Don't you regret letting me go?
    Sinking away
    In a blanket of snow

    I've trusted you with everything
    But I guess it wasn't enough
    Was I even anything to you?

    I know times have been rough
    But don't you regret?
    Kicking me out
    Not a worry at all
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    I Forgot My Name Experienced
    Around The Corner
    Is is bad that everytime I wake up
    I expect to see you?
    Is it bad that I expect
    All of this distance to be a dream?
    Is it bad that I wish time would fly by
    So I could be with you?
    I don't understand.
    I know this is love,
    But I want to hold you close.
    I want to be in your arms...
    Forever and always.
    But there's a glass between us,
    And it won't break.
    It's killing me,
    I'm slowly dying on the inside.
    I keep making poems about you,
    You're always inside my head.
    But why do I always expect to see you around the corner?
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    IcyDesignns Experienced

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