Hey, I've got a contet. A Poetry Contest! (:

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Thread Topic: Hey, I've got a contet. A Poetry Contest! (:

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    Sisi Advanced
    So I've wanted to make a contest for poetry. State your Name, Age, Name of your poem, and the Genre (free-verse, haiku, sonnet.)

    Everyone will get one vote, no voting for your own, and if you submit a poem you must vote for someone else's. Submissions must be made by 1:00 P.M., Monday the 18th of June. Voting must be done by the Thursday of that week.

    Have fun! :)
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    Sisi Advanced
    Wow so many mistakes in that title XD

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    Carrotop Novice
    I look around
    This ain't right,
    The town,
    It's not as bright,
    as it used to be,
    Everybodys growin' up,
    Moving away,
    Sure enough,
    I'm probably,
    The only one to stay

    It's lonely,
    Just me,
    Tben I see,
    Someone else,
    then the light,
    Pours into me

    I guess this town,
    Is brighter,
    than I thought it would be,
    'Cause I found,
    True love,
    Inside of this town,
    And inside,
    Of me.
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    I was about to type up a poem, but then I read Carrot's.
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    Carrotop Novice
    Mia, go ahead, everyone has a chance.
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    Sisi Advanced
    You risk something if you risk nothing at all.
    You could win, you never know! I love to read others poetry because it's always so much better than my own :)
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    Zane Is Here Novice
    [I] As I Look Into Tommrow,
    My Heart Fills With Sorrow,
    Faster Than A Raging Sea.
    You'll Be Gone
    Than A Cheetah.
    You Don't Need Me.
    Want Me.
    I Don't Even Think We Were Friends
    We May Be Even Enemies.
    But I Still Glance At Yesterday
    The Day You Used To Love Me
    And Today Is Diffrent
    But What About Tommrow?
    Now You Are Gone.
    I Knew You Left When The Sun Stopped Shining.
    The Birds Stopped Chirping.
    Penut Butter Didn't Go With Jelly.
    And Everyone Began To Leave.
    So When You Look Into Tommrow,
    Remember My Sorrow,
    And Come Back One Day.
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    GTQ Novice
    [please ignore]
    dear santa.. i know its june
    but i really really need a wish very soon
    somebodys sick and i dont know what to do
    and i know if i need something like a toy i always wright to you
    but a friend mine mine steven lewis.. you might know him as steve
    he's in pain and might not make it to christmas eve..
    my wish right now is that he gets a new mom and dad..
    cause the ones he has now treat him really bad..
    steve is a great friend.. he gave me his bike.. he's really swell
    but i dont think the cuts and bruses are because he slipped and fell
    i know its not because of a bully at schoot.. cause he dosent have a friend
    exept for joey.. but he's only pretend
    i went by his house once cause he left his book he was reading
    i found him in his bedroom.. and his arm was really bleading
    i offered him help cause he was bleading alot
    remember him saying it was for a "release" i havent forgot
    santa i wish steve had contacts his eyes are really trying
    cause everytime i see him his eyes are red.. kinda like he's been crying
    i wish he had earmuffs with all the noices at his house i dont thing he can still hear
    me and him are neighbores and i can hear the yelling from here[
    all the screams he's heard i dont think he can hear a sound
    cause everytime i call his name he keeps walking and looking at the ground
    his dad must not like the sports team he roots for
    cause all i hear is "i hate you, your nothing, what are you even good for?"
    i know.. my dads the same way when his football team dosnent win
    oh and after school steve sayes dont make me go home.. i "cant take the hitting again"
    so santa please take him some where safe,, somewhere he's loved
    that place where 'the pain ends" i dont know whats the name its of
    but steve would love to go there he talks about that place where nobodys in pain
    but nobody else knows about this place cause everyone else would think he's insane
    at least thats what he tells me.. cause we talk and invite him to dinner somedays
    i wish santa that he had better candy.. cause he gets his candy in some unusal ways
    im medicen cabinets, he eats the pills from that strage orange bottle
    there left over pills from when i broke my leg at turners hill going down at full throttle
    he eats them and i dont know why..
    mommy sayed if you take to much you get sick and die
    steve eats alot and i get worred its too many
    so dad sayed i have to make sure that he dosent eat any
    so santa i know the song so i know you can hear me now
    so my wish i that you make it christmas but i just dont know how..
    my sister sayes the the only thing steve needs in a mirical so i wish for one of those
    and i know christmas in the time for miricals like in the movies and the television shows
    well i have to go now santa cause steve's parents are starting to yell again
    but i take back one wish i made.. cause now me and steve are friends.. .. .. .. ..
    i found this letter and read it a year ago
    did santa get it?.. i dont know
    but obviouslly he didnt cause steven gone
    parents beating the kids is just compleatly wrong
    i stop believening in santa and christmas and all that skit
    im dont ive grown up im out of it
    every chrsitmas i look at santa and i scream "why"
    and even in the future i see department store santas and i have to stop and cry
    i cry like a baby.. just like i am now
    so santa im wrighting you a letter for another mirical.. but i dont know how
    i dont believe in you but ill give you one more try
    cause nothing else is working for me and i need to know why..
    santa?.. i dont know if your raindeer have it.. or your magic sack
    but this christmas.. please santa.. for anything in the world.. pretty please.. bring steve back..
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    VampireLucy Newbie
    I dream in darkness
    I sleep to die,
    Erase the silence,
    Erase my life.
    Erase the lie
    You hide inside
    The life you
    left behind
    When you are hiding inside
    A small lie, you can easily
    Testify your innocence
    What would happen if the existence
    Was just a lie to make you testify
    All the lies you told just to get through the
    Day. If you were to vanish from this world,
    Where would I belong inside this small and fragile
    Design, you call earth? If death was a option, then I would
    Choose to loose the life I never wanted in the first place.
    Why must you slice and break the silence? The silence was just another
    Way to get through this day. I should have known that you were lying
    Along, but I was just another nothing
    I'm just another person
    I'm just another object who gets rejected from this world that you call
    All I simply wanted was to fit in,
    All I didn't want was not to be token for granted
    You broke and stole my heart
    The hole that has scars,Is broken and tore a part. You ripped out my heart, with that malice
    On your lips. Even if I have a small ripple of blood, dripping down my lips,
    What would it take to make you zip up your lips?
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    VampireLucy Newbie
    ^ Woops forgot to state my info.
    Name: Sarah
    Age: 13
    Name Of Poem: Fagile Hearts
    Genre of Poem: Sonnet
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    Carrotop Novice
    Me too.

    Name: Hailey
    Age: 11
    Name of peom: Lonely Town
    Genre: unsure.
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    LeahM Experienced
    I'd love to post, but the poetry I've been writing lately is quite good - if I do say so myself. And don't want to risk someone claiming ownership.
  • Clarissa13 Newbie
    @GTQ: OMG I loved that!
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    Hunterizcool Junior
    Surprisingly, whoever on GTQ account writes good poetry.

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