Would you rather?

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Thread Topic: Would you rather?

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    SecretLie5 Novice
    Left, I'm right-handed but I'm stronger with the left...

    Turn against your best friend or die...
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    Fire_Fairy Junior

    Gryffon or Phoenix?
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    ILuvHolister Junior
    Hunger games or Twilight
  • Hunger Games, Hunger Games, Hunger Games!!!!!!!

    Be alive (and eternally young) in the afterlife (or wherever it is dead souls go), or spend eternity as a ghost in the human world?
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    Sage Parson Novice
    First one. I'm actually gonna comeback as another being on another planet. Probably being one of my many fancharacters. :P

    Hardwood or Carpet?
  • Chrisrox2001 Junior
    Carpet it's softer :3

    Mc Donalds or KFC? I don't like either but wth
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    ILuvHolister Junior
    KFC (i dont like them either)
    Up or down?
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    Sage Parson Novice
    Up! :D

    Left or Right?
  • gryphonkid Novice
    red or blue?
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    madid Experienced

    Bon Jovi or Cher?
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    fireprincess1996 Advanced

    Ninja Unicorn or Talking Dinosaur?
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    zomgirl Experienced
    Talking Dinosaur but he must be British!

    Computer or laptop?
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    Sports19 Novice

    Charlie the unicorn or llamas with hats? (youtube video series' both by this guy called secretagentbob. Theyre mad freekin funny. Look them up if you never saw them!)
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    Sage Parson Novice
    I've never seen them and I'm on my phone. So I can't watch them.

    British accent or Italian accent?
  • chrissybieber Novice
    Neither -_- To be honest, they are both annoying. Give me an Irish accent any day ;)

    Which is worse, Rebecca Black or Miley Cyrus?

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