Would you rather?

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Thread Topic: Would you rather?

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    Skyler Potter Junior
    Slave of a perfect one.

    No music at all or only the genre/artist of music that you hate?
  • sweetbunny480 Junior
    Only the genre/artist of music I hate

    Lick a hobo or eat someones chewed gun
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    XxSophiacxX Experienced
    eat someones chewed gum.

    would you rather take a vacation with alot of people for 3 weeks or take a vacation alone for a 3 weeks?
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    alone for 3 weeks....would you rather eat 12 roses plus the thorns or eat 12 acorns
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    liz_king97 Novice
    12 acorns.

    Like someone your friends disapprove of (but are friends with) or someone your friends do approve of?
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    OmegaWolf9 Novice
    Someone they diapprove of but are friends with.

    Have lots of small vacations spread over the year, or one giant vacation?
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    madid Advanced
    One giant vacation

    10th Doctor or 11th Doctor?
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    SG115 Novice
    Um... 10th Doctor...?

    Angel or devil?
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    Kepler Novice
    Angel. Definitely. Even with Shin Megami Tensei.

    Noon or midnight?
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    liz_king97 Novice

    Have a Poke War of Facebook with your crush while being on chat with him/her, or have a real life conversation and mix in some flirting?
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    AlexTheCat Novice
    2nd one.
    lonely and happy or married and sad
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    tenten16 Junior
    Lonely and happy, any day.

    Die of old age, or die saving someone?
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    SG115 Novice
    Die of old age =P

    CGI (computer-generated imagery)or hand-drawn animation?
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    Kirby Junior
    First one I prefer x3

    Big Machine Record Label or Warner Bros Record Label?
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    Big machine record label
    Wolf or tiger?

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