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    I guess I'll start. This is a love poem:

    I'm always yours to love,
    I'm always yours to hold,
    Just like a hand in a glove,
    You fit in my heart,
    Whenever I'm cold,
    you're there to warm me up,
    My love for you,
    will go on to the end,
    and I tell you my friend,
    this is not pretend.
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    He had snow in his hair,
    and I didn't care
    I had not a worry in the world
    except for one

    When I saw him that day,
    that cold winter day,
    I collapsed on the floor,
    and knew it even more,
    he was the one to bring to my knees

    he would be the one that would make me plead.
    i would fight for and love him
    but in the end i will be betrayed

    i knew my fate
    and decided to go with it
    on that cold winter day,
    I Killed My First Victim.

    He pleaded and begged,
    but no mercy i showed
    and his life
    came to an end

    on that cold winter day,
    i killed my hope.
    The light inside me went out

    He was but a figment of my mind.
    Nothing but a ghost.
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    PurPl3Sik3 Novice
    damn those two poems are AMAZING!
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    Thanks! :D
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    sara63 Experienced
    Those are so good!
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    Thank you!
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    madid Experienced
    The second was better than the first.

    Not to be mean, but there's already a community poem thread.
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    I know. (And I also know there's already a thread)
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    madid Experienced
    Then what's the point of this?
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    The world flooded with water,
    or was it just my eyes?
    When i was left there that night,
    after his mouth filled with lies.
    Can I forgive?
    No, never, I thought in cries.

    Revenge is the answer,
    revenge is the key.
    If I were him,
    I'd stay away from me.
    Why can't I let him go?
    Why can't I let him be?

    He can't just bring me here,
    and tell me,
    he doesn't love me.
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    madid: With other poem threads, my poems are in the back, and alot of people don't get a chance to see it. I just wanted to make sure people saw my stuff.
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    madid Experienced
    I'm going to start posting my poems. Warning:I have a dark mind.

    I've stopped believing I can make things change
    I can't stop the sun, I can't stop the rain
    I can't stop everyone from running away
    I can't stop the past from taking over today
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    Never thought
    This'd happen
    My life is over
    without help

    Racism, yelling
    she'll never come back
    though she says,
    "I love you."

    She also says,
    "I'll be there for you"
    then why are you hiding
    in the dark?

    You're not here with me
    and its killing me
    I need help
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    The sun burns
    darkness eats me up
    promises that it'll
    be kind

    Light only
    shows the truth
    like silence
    and thats all that's coming
    from me

    I can say
    "Oh I'm okay."
    But how do you
    know I'm not

    I guess the hate
    has one
    makes my life feel
    harm is not worth
    the wait.

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