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    I see all my fears
    They get near
    and nearer still
    My life is like a hill
    That just keeps going down
    I might just leave this town
    of pain and sorrow.
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    The life in my eyes drains away more each day,
    the color of my face turns paler by the minute,
    But the only thing you see is a mask,
    a smile plastered on to my face,
    Just let my body decay.

    (Btw, I'm net depressed, sad poems are just easiest to write)
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    NOT depressed, not net depressed.
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    You see no Light in the Darkness
    Yet the Dark stands out in the Light
    Because Evil is stronger
    The Light dies quickly
    To defeat this force
    You must fight it with Truth
    Only then will you understand
  • I love these.
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    madid Experienced
    Last one was pretty good.

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