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Thread Topic: Pick the best story idea

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    So this is how it works...
    I will post a set of five or six story ideas, and then whoever comes in posts the idea they think is the best. After I have some replies, then I will post the next set and so on.
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    Here we go...

    Set One

    1. A teacher is murdered at a school and a group of students discover a massive plot behind it.

    2. A friendship develops into a love triangle between two girls and a boy, then suddenly when they think its going one way the whole
    thing shifts around

    3. In the land of Kyravim, there have been
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    Sorry, accidentally posted...

    3. In the land of Kyravim, there have been rumours of a rogue mage. Rumours become truth when mysterious murders start to happen. But who is it and what is there motive?
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    Argh! Accidentally posted again!

    4. Bitzon, a globally famous computer company, is sued when a terrible computer virus that can control your brainwaves is discovered in their devices

    5. Lana hates history. She absolutely detests it. But what happens when a girl who hates history is sent back centuries in time?

    6. Animals are given the power to control the world of humans (like, in reality, how we control their world)
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    So which one? Idea 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6?
    Pls reply soon Im doing a writing contest!
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    Mused Jade Experienced
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    Stardust1 Junior
    I like 4
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    4 it is!
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    Ill write it and post it on here
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    Mac1014 Advanced

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