Dear diary,

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Thread Topic: Dear diary,

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    (Just know that I'm always here. Always reading. And always laughing.)
  • Nikki Maxwell Newbie
    (Thanks! You're gonna love it!)

    It was SO romantic!

    Even though my eyes were open the entire time and practically bulging out of my head.

    And after it was over, I hyperventilated!


    The only problem with the kiss is that it happened at a charity event to raise money for kids. So I don't know if Brandon did it because he actually likes me, or because he was just trying to save the needy children of the world. XD

    Anyway, thanks to my KA-RAY-ZEE sister, I'm a nervous wreck and totally stressed out.

    And my school day hasn't even started yet!

    NOTE TO SELF: Get a NEW sister!!

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    Mac1014 Experienced
    Someday you 2 are going to grow up and wish you didn't fight so much , I hate my brother,but I still care about him
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    (LOL. I like the word "KA-RAY-ZEE.") CRAZY= KA-RAY-ZEE) LOLOLOL)
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    1714 Hot Shot
    ^and this is why condoms are necessary, folks
  • Nikki Maxwell Newbie

    Locker Shocker!--7:44am

    I was happy and relieved that I actually made it to school on time.

    In spite of my very cruddy morning, I'd made up my mind that I was going to have a really good day.

    I was surprised that my new sweater got SO much attention.

    As I was walking down the hall, practically EVERYONE stopped and stared. Even the GUYS!

    And get this!! A few of the CCP (Cute, Cool & Popular) girls actually smiled, pointed, and whispered to each other.

    It was quite obvious they were LOVING my new sweater!

    I felt just like a fashion model walking the runway or something...
  • Nikki Maxwell Newbie
    I was like, "Good morning, people! Please don't HATE on my FABULOUS sweater!!" But I just said that inside my head, so no one heard it but me.

    When I got to my locker, I put my stuff away and was about to write a quick entry in my diary.

    I was feeling REALLY happy about my life right then😊!!

    I wasn't even that mad at Brianna anymore. Hey, she's ONLY a little kid! When I was her age, I was WAY more annoying.

    Suddenly I noticed Mackenzie staring at me like I was a...two-headed, um...SQUIRREL or something. But I just ignored her like I always do.

    The she shrieked, "OMG, NIKKI! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SWEATER?!!"

    Which was the STUPIDEST question EVER! That girl has the IQ of a wad of a chewed bubble gum!...

    I just glared at her and calmly answered, "I got my sweater from a STORE. You know, where YOU buy stuff, like your HAIR and your TAN."

    Mackenzie was obviously INSANELY jealous of my fabulous new sweater. And she just couldn't deal with the fact that MY outfit was way CUTER than HER outfit.


    That's when I finally looked down at my sweater. Plastered across it was...
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    Ahhh!!! The suspense!!
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    Mac1014 Experienced
    TELL ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nikki Maxwell Newbie
    ...Brianna's missing sandwich!!!!

    I dropped my diary and just STARED in HORROR!!

    No wonder I had gotten so many stares from other students in the hall. But, unfortunately, they hadn't been ADMIRING my new sweater.

    That's when I noticed that Mackenzie and practically EVERYONE in the hall were pointing and laughing at me.

    Like I was some kind of...


    Then Mackenzie glared at me and snarled, "Hey, Nikki, would you like some FLIES with that sandwich?! Oops, I mean FRIES!"

    And everyone laughed even harder!

    I couldn't believe this was actually happening to me.

    I just stood there with my mouth dangling wide open.
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    Eeeuw!!! :P
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    Mac1014 Experienced
    Well thwn
  • Nikki Maxwell Newbie
    Sorry guys! I traveled and didn't have time to come online but I'm back now so where was I?
  • Nikki Maxwell Newbie
    It was like I was waiting for a SUPERclever comeback to crawl up my throat and jump right into Mackenzie's face.

    But I couldn't think of a single thing to say.

    So I just mumbled, "Whatever."


    And embarrassed.


    Blinking back my tears, I picked up my diary and shoved it into my backpack.

    Then I slammed my locker door shut and took off running down hall.

  • Nikki Maxwell Newbie
    PAINFUL STAINS!--7:50am

    (That was me screaming in frustration! AGAIN 😣!!)

    I've just had the WORST. MORNING. EVER!! And right now I'm hiding out in the girls bathroom.

    I STILL cannot believe that huge FIASCO with Mackenzie! And with Brianna's sandwich!

    The only logical explanation is that the sandwich probably got stuck on my coat when I tossed it on the kitchen table this morning.

    And then, when I put on my coat, it somehow attached itself to the front of. y sweater. Like some kind of, um...SUPERfreaky, sticky, slimy...ALIEN...CREATURE!!

    I wanted to rush to the nearest emergency room and BEG the doctors for yet another life-saving medical procedure!!...

    So Brianna was right. I DID steal her nasty sandwich!


    Anyway, I'm in the bathroom, trying desperately to wipe all the stains off my sweater.

    But the situation is hopeless!

    I look just like one of Brianna's UGLY finger paintings.

    Because now I'm completely covered with:

    1. brown peanut butter stains

    2. purple jelly stains

    3. white soap suds


    4. bright fluorescent-green hand soap from the girls bathroom.

    I stared in the mirror, having a complete meltdown over the stains on my sweater!

    OMG! It looked like someone had SNARFED down a cafeteria lunch of tuna casserole, green peas, blueberry pie, and chocolate milk.

    And then THREW UP all over my sweater!


    I felt absolutely HORRIBLE!

    Suddenly, big fat tears started to roll down my cheeks.

    But it wasn't because I was SUPERupset. (which I was!)

    My eyes were just burning badly from the putrid stench of pickle juice. Unfortunately, adding water to the mix had made the noxious odor ten times stronger.

    That's when I started to cry for real!

    My entire school thinks I'm just a huge JOKE!

    My favourite sweater (which I had saved up for TWO whole months to buy!!) was TOTALLY RUINED!!!

    AND I smelled like a HUMAN PICKLE with very bad body odor!!!

    It was ALL Brianna's fault!! Mostly.

    Actually, I don't know who makes my life more miserable, MACKENZIE or BRIANNA!

    Thank goodness I had my Sassy Sasha perfume with me. I sprayed on practically half the bottle.

    So NOW I smell like...(*SNIFF SNIFF*)

    A PICKLE marinated in Sassy Sasha perfume!!


    Sorry, Brianna! But I'm starting to wish you were NEVER born!


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