Dear diary,

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Thread Topic: Dear diary,

  • Nikki Maxwell Newbie
    Put your hands together...For Nikki Maxwell!!!
    Okay let's just get right into it.
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    Maruicea Advanced
    shut up
  • Nikki Maxwell Newbie
    I'M LATE! I'M LATE!--7:22 a.m.

    (That was me screaming in frustration!)

    I can't believe I overslept! AGAIN! Now I'm probably going to be late for school! WHY?!! Because my bratty little sister, Brianna, has been sneaking into my bedroom at night and stealing my alarm clock!

    She's been using it to get up extra early to make a peanut butter, jelly, and pickle sandwich to take to school for lunch. YES! She actually adds PICKLES!

    I don't know which is more NAUSEATING, Brianna or her disgusting sandwich!

    Anyway, now I have less than a three minutes to shower, shampoo, brush, dress, pack, eat, gloss and GO!

    This is how my CRUDDY day began...
  • Nikki Maxwell Newbie
    I was in my bed, fast asleep.
    On the cupboard next my bed, layed my night stand and MY MISSING CLOCK!

    I woke up and looked around, not finding my alarm clock, I realised I was late for school!!
    "Oh no! I'm late!!" I screamed and jumped off my bed, running into the bathroom hastily.
    I took my pajamas off and flung them to the floor then jumped into the bath tub and took a shower.
    I peeked out and grabbed towel quickly.
    I wore my clothes in 20 seconds and started blow drying my hair and applying toothpaste on my brush, ALL. AT. ONCE!
    I began brushing my hair and brushing my teeth and wore my sneakers.
    Immediately, I started packing my back pack.
    I placed the bag on my feet and stuffed whatever I could into it. I grabbed my sweater and ran downstairs.

    OMG!! I got dressed for school in two minutes and nineteen seconds! Which is probably a NEW late-for-school world record!!

    I decided to wear my brand-new sweater with the cool fringe on it. It took me TWO whole months to save up to buy it from SWEET Ib, a trendy teen store in the mall.

    Looking back on my morning, there was definitely GOOD NEWS and BAD NEWS.

    The GOOD NEWS...?

    My day had gotten off to such a HORRIBLE start, I was absolutely SURE there was NO WAY things could get any worse!

    The BAD NEWS...?

    I was TOTALLY WRONG about the GOOD NEWS!

  • Nikki Maxwell Newbie
    Brianna was busy making a disgusting PBJ and P sandwich!

    "Would you like me to make one for you, Nikki? Its yummy! SEE?" Brianna said, shoving her sandwich right in my face.

    I cringed at the slimy, drippy mess.

    EWW! It SMELLED even worse than it looked. Kind of like peanut butter, jelly and, um...rancid pickle juice!!

    " thanks!" I muttered, totally grossed out.

    "Come on. Just take one bite!!" Brianna said, waving it under my nose, "YOU'LL LOVE IT!"

    "No, Brianna! Actually, I'm not hungry anymore! I took a look at your sandwich and COMPLETELY lost my appetite!!" I shivered at the disgusting sandwich.

    "Are you SURE? It's awesomely delicious!" She giggled.

    I just rolled my eyes at that girl.

    What part of the word "NO" did she NOT understand?!

    I wanted to scream, "Sorry, Brianna, but..."
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    Mac1014 Experienced
    Honestly you could have it worse,my brother who is sixteen hurts me, by making fights,wont leave me alone ever , and he honest to god wishes I were dead.YOu have a sister that wants to make you food,and my brother has to be made to make me food.I am always late,take a shower at night,and set out clothes the night before,and pack your backpack for school already,then it will be simpler
  • Nikki Maxwell Newbie
    (Hullo there!!! is that your diary entry?)

    "I will not eat it with a DOG!
    I will not eat it with a FROG!

    I will not eat it with a CAT!
    I will not eat it with a RAT!

    I will not eat it in my ROOM!
    On the BUS. Or on the MOON!

    I will not eat it NORTH or SOUTH!
    It made me throw up in my MOUTH!

    Call me PICKY! Call me f---LE!
    I don't like PBJ and PICKLES!!"
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    (Omfg this is funnay!!!)
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    (What's a f---le tho?)
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    (Oh wait never mind. I looked it up. Sorry for bumping.)
  • Nikki Maxwell Newbie

    Anyway, Brianna went to the fridge to get a juice box, and I gathered my stuff and was about to head out the door, when suddenly she came charging at me like an angry baby rhinoceros in pigtails.

    SHE actually accused ME of taking her sandwich!

    That's when we started yelling at each other...

    "GIMME BACK MY SANDWICH, NIKKI!!" she yelled.
    "I DIDN'T EAT YOUR NASTY SANDWICH!!" I yelled back.

    "My sandwich is missing, and YOU took it!" She yelled, pointing a finger at me.

    "Brianna! I wouldn't feed that nasty sandwich to my WORST ENEMY!" I yelled, crossing my arms.

    And by worst enemy, I meant people like...well, you know...


    Although, now that I think about it, I probably WOULD feed that sandwich to my worst enemy.

    I'd LOVE to just shove it right down her throat!



    Actually, I rally am kidding!

    I try to be friendly and get along with EVERYONE at my school. But for some reason, Mackenzie HATES MY GUTS!!

    Anyway, by the time I finally left for school, Brianna was busy making another sandwich.

    It's like, the older she gets, the more BRATTY she becomes.

    I think it's time for me to have a very serious talk with my mom and dad about their parenting skills.


    Because I'm really SICK and TIRED of Brianna...
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    Mac1014 Experienced
    One question How old are you??And that was freckin hilarious
  • Nikki Maxwell Newbie
    (I'm 13.)

    1. Taking my stuff without permission. (Like my clock!).
    2. Stealing my cell phone to play the Princess Sugar Plum games and running down my battery.
    3. Waking me up in the middle of the night to take her to the bathroom, by jumping up and down on my bed. (While I'm still in it!!)
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    Mac1014 Experienced
    (Imma close to that age, but Irl older siblings are worst,they give no crap about you at all,do you care for your sister?)(Be honest)
  • Nikki Maxwell Newbie
    (you'll find out in the end of this story.)

    It's absolutely vital that my parents get professional help for Brianna before it's too late.

    They let her get away with EVERYTHING! But when I ask to of stuff, it's always a big fat "NO!"

    I was really looking forward to volunteering at the Fuzzy Friends Animal Rescue Center after school today with my crush, Brandon.

    But my mom said I couldn't!

    WHY?!! Because I have to babysit BRIANNA!


    It was kind of a big deal because this would have been my first time hanging out with Brandon since...well, you know!!

    My very first KISS!!! SQEEEEEEE!!

    OMG! I was SO shocked when it happened! I thought I was going to DIE!

    It was SO romantic!

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