Calling all aspiring authors and writers!

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Thread Topic: Calling all aspiring authors and writers!

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    gherkinsgodhorse Advanced
    Hi guys,
    I'm currently in the process of researching for a dystopian novel (and writing bits and pieces here and there, whatever sparks in my train of thought). I'm 14 years old and I want to get published. I know the Dystopian genre may fade out of fashion by the time I finish it but I don't care. I'm writing it because I want to, because I got a story to tell.

    My problem is motivation. It's hard to be motivated when I go to a school where reading, writing and literature are regarded as "geeky" or "nerdy" or "totally uncool".
    (I've been bullied for being a nerd -.-) So I resort to the Internet to find like-minded people who have similar goals. Nanowrimo, ( if you don't already know, is a site where you keep track of writing 50k words in 30 days. Like GTQ, it has forums and things but it's just not the same as GTQ.

    I'm calling all aspiring writers here, particularly those who don't have much support of their dreams besides the comfort of internet users. Maybe we can talk and help each other out.
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    gherkinsgodhorse Advanced
    Guess no one's literate.

    I'm kidding. But seriously, where are all the writers of GTQ at? Guess I should've seen it coming - no one even writes those story quizzes anymore...
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    gherkinsgodhorse Advanced
    *sigh* Seems like all the GTQ authors are no longer around.
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    Puppet master12 Experienced
    I want the be an author when I am old enough

    But my biggest problem is my grammar and how it always comes out like a bad fan fiction instead of an original

    My primary school didn't teach us a lot about grammar or certain subjects we should have learned

    But I think my imagination is good enough to start me of I do try but my grammar always pulls me down.

    I could try and help you with motivation if you wanted me to?
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    Girl_Almighty Junior
    I write fan fiction, and I might write an original. I'm not a master at writting though. c":
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    gherkinsgodhorse Advanced
    @Puppet - That's awesome, we have similar aspirations then.
    I can help you with your grammar. I don't see any flaws judging from your past, despite the fact that you overlooked a few full stops. You have a strong basis for your diction, so I'm not sure what grammar problems you mean.

    Aha I think fan fictions are really weird so I never read them.

    @GA - There's always room for improvement. You should try to write an original. =]
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    gherkinsgodhorse Advanced
    *post not past.
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    Puppet master12 Experienced
    Thank you , I always miss my punctuation by accident .
    I'm not entirely sure what grammer acctualy is as stated previously my primary school missed a lot of things out for us .
    Never explaining what grammer was and ive been to shy to ask.

    So I have just assumed it's spelling ,the way things are phrased , punctuation and the your and you're thing is that what it is?
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    gherkinsgodhorse Advanced
    Punctuation, spelling and diction all fall under grammar. That's why in some schools they have tests called "Grammar and Punctation". I'm surprised your school didn't teach the fundaments of grammar - If you want to be a good writer, you have to know your grammar.
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    Puppet master12 Experienced
    Ah ok thank you.

    Yeah I'm going to improve in highschool this year ( 2nd year ) we got taught some of it just not that well.
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    gherkinsgodhorse Advanced
    Do you have any story ideas? I kinda have one but I usually have trouble with the plot and flow of the story. xP
  • PurpleClouds Newbie
    i love to write
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    Puppet master12 Experienced
    Acctualy yes .

    Flowers that never die.

    ( I'll be using the soap things as they don't have names yet )
    C7 is an old woman who's husband died a year after their marriage
    She is visited by C8 who is in the disguise of a fairy queen but is really a witch

    But she really wants to help C7

    So she gives her 6 flower seeds
    One year after taking care of the flowers they grow into six children
    C1 the rose child
    C2 the iris bild
    C3 the oak child ( I know it's not a flower)
    C4 the fox glove child
    C5 the daisy child
    And c6 the petunia child.

    The witch grows jealous of the woman and she curses ten children for when they turn 12 they will never age so the old woman won't love them
    Any more
    But as the years pass the old woman still loves and cares for her children

    The witch puts her in a coma

    The children had to get a talisman from the kingdoms of their plants to save their mother

    If they do so their mother will become young ( 23) and immortal.

    But a curse reveals that one of them will die in the land of thorns

    One where the moon cannot touch

    And the last one in a place that is dark but has no shadows.

    The children can chose to leave their mother to die or save her

    And to make it worse they have only seven years.

    But who will perish?

    I will be uploading it on my wattpad account
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    Puppet master12 Experienced
    So what do you think of it ?
  • begg Newbie
    M dad wrote some published books but there really weird!

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