Should I make this quiz series?

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Thread Topic: Should I make this quiz series?

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    S_E_ Novice
    Look, I'm new to writing. If you're going to criticize me like you did in this last post, then I'm willing to listen.
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    Elliryanna Novice
    Okay, at least admit it's bad. I reflected on my old story (you know, the stupid one) and it sucks. If you are trying to get better at writing, listen to advice. Plus, check your grammar. It SERIOUSLY takes away from your writing. You asked for feedback, they gave it to you.
    If you don't want to listen, your choice. My own thoughts: it's cheesy, like every stupid vampire love story out there (I know there are no vampires.), and if you are going to write some imbecilic cliche, just know that you shouldn't ask for feedback, because everyone who has a remote sense of quality literature will insult you.
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    S_E_ Junior
    Look, I've decided to do other things with my writing. This was just a little idea I had once. There's no need to bump up old threads like this.

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