Paris Or Italy

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Thread Topic: Paris Or Italy

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    HUGE ASS Newbie
    n havnt u noticed how paris is a citee n italy is a cunntry
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    HUGE ASS Newbie
    kalm down, ilm, i havnt met dis person who kreated dis forum so they r probablee long gon
  • Italy
  • FrenchGirl Newbie
    ITALY ! cause my great parents are from there
    and i live in France so i could go to Paris every day if i wanted ..
  • lazermazer Novice
    Can I pick both since I can go to awesome museums I always wanted to gto. Also I can see the Roman Empire stuff. I'm a history geek
  • LAL Novice
    PARIS, of course! I love france.
  • imafancyjag Newbie
    Bonjour francais Paris
  • paris
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    crays48 Novice
    Italy! You never specified where in Italy, so I have way more options in Italy

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