Name your country and favorite hobby

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Thread Topic: Name your country and favorite hobby

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    Topaz Experienced
    I'm from the United States and I love writing fanfiction. Especially for Avatar the Last Airbender. Anyone else? what do you like to do?
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    Hiccstrid Novice
    From the United States, more specifically Oregon, I love to play piano
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    Sphinx Novice
    UK, like to watch simpsons
  • I'm from the Russian Federation and I like to keep in shape.
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    rhimicha Junior
    United States. I love reading and writing. I also like playing piano. For sports, I like soccer.
  • Animelover9 Newbie
    I am from Oregon and Russia and I like drawing anime and manga, reading and science.^-^ anyone else?
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    TayuyaTerra Novice
    I'm from South Africa,Cape Town and I love writing fanfics about werewolves and stuff like that. I love playing video games,especially ' Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3' and 'GTA 5' and for my hobby I'm learning how to play the guitar.
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    sademogirl Novice
    U.S.A designing clothes
  • DreamOfNight Novice
    i love reading! and i love all the types! but my most favourite is mystery-adventure type books.
  • DreamOfNight Novice
    i hate studying though...
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    Sphinx Junior
    Can't believe I had that picture of Albert Einstein.
  • DreamOfNight Novice
    lol Sphinx!

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