Who here doesn't live in America?

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Thread Topic: Who here doesn't live in America?

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    Br0wnieBunny Senior
    Hey guys I'm American
    America tops all
    *spray paints self*
    *runs into a brick wall*
    *red white and blue appear on the wall*
    *dying voice*

    Just kidding!
    I've always wanted to visit Europe and Cananda and Australia and Asia and THE WHOLE WORLD.
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    dragon Advanced
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    Kalapie Novice
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    Tyreseonater Advanced
    I'm Canerdian but I might move to the states in two years
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    Luna Siren Experienced
    I'm Canadian. I plan on staying in Canada.
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    SN1P3RL4ZY Novice
    South africa.
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    dogsbuddy Junior
    Sorry, I'm an American girl.
  • TayuyaTerra Newbie
    I live in South Africa. It's really a cool country and we speak up to 11 different languages and we have a lot of different cultures.
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    Hiccstrid Novice
    I'm just plain American. I have never gone outside the USA in my entire life.
  • Cheese101 Newbie
    Canada And I don't really like it
  • DreamOfNight Novice
    Bangladesh. Small but beautiful!
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    Sphinx Junior
    Woah! Who brought this back?

    I'm British.
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    Sphinx Junior
    @Cleo and Dilly I live near you, I'm in London
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    ilovelions Junior
    Ireland is not near London > >

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