Take meh new quiz!

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Thread Topic: Take meh new quiz!

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    Sisi Junior
    i'm begging you i really want to upgrade my status :DDD
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    harpusrox7 Novice
    me too. i'll take some of yours and you can take some of mine. Taking quizzes and also upgrade your status i think
  • Mossfire Novice
    Hey ppl, since all of u rock, can you take my quiz????? Its about warrior, and so far no one has took it and I've worked reall really hard to make it, it took me 2 hours! Plz ppl, dare to take meh quiz, its accurate, true and I promise you NO RANDOM RESULTS! Please! Just take my quiz, you'll like it!
  • skatterbrain Newbie
    hey how do i upgrade?
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    Kish Senior
    @skatterbrain... Take more quizzes, rate and comment on alot of quizzes, make more quizzes and obey the gtq rules... That should help you progress...
  • skatterbrain Newbie
    you people are so nice..
    i'll go work on that

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