Gtq Guy I must ask

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Thread Topic: Gtq Guy I must ask

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    Kish Expert
    Do you plan on phasing out the forums now?
    The fact that it no longer shows up on the front page probably means no new users will come to the forums...

    Looks like the forums are going to me
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    kish is a gay fish
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    absol heart Hot Shot
    it does show up on the front page though. You just have to scroll down a bit.
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    Kish Expert
    I think it is better in the navigation xD my bad.

    I never noticed that ;P
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    Saara_K Experienced
    nah it doesnt for me
    Im using my iPhone
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    meep da first Senior
    conspiracy theory:

    gtq guy formatted the front page w/o the convenience so he could kill the forums crawling with underage users
    straight facts
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    joshbrewer Advanced

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