is kinda easy to hack any account here....

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Thread Topic: is kinda easy to hack any account here....

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    Veronica_v Junior
    And gtq guy says this site is secure. *guffaws*
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    The Geek Expert
    Post vulnerability or gtfo.
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    godofminecraft56 Advanced
    ^Or just get a stronger password. Your pass can be way longer than 16 letters/numbers/symbols (If that's still the limit.) Just go to the change password thing and enter your old one then you can have one as long as you want.
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    timothy4444 Advanced
    Yeah, don't put easy passwords such as "omg123 and "passwordd1.
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    Ultra Elite Novice
    How do you know "someone tried on yours"?
  • CoolQuiz Novice
    Good point.
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    The Dude Junior

    Holy -- How?
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    AbantaZayna Junior
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    GTQ Guy Advanced
    A stronger password is definitely the best defense.

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