The Essex and Cornish quizzes on front page?

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Thread Topic: The Essex and Cornish quizzes on front page?

  • chocolatefrog Junior
    I made the Hogwarts subjects quiz and I noticed these two quizzes near mine on the new quizzes list and it was very late last night in England when I made it and I saw the Cornish-o-meter quiz get 200 taken when it was brand new on the list!! And mine still has only 32!!
    And how have 12,000 people taken the Essex one in the space of late last night to now? You'd think people in england would be interested in those so 12,000 people have taken it in the middle of the night and this morning??
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    Donotdisturb Novice
  • chocolatefrog Junior
    why'd u keep posting a question mark? what don't you get?
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    Kish Expert
    There aren't even 17000 people before your whole site goes down that visit this site, maximum is about 6000, they have probably used something to slow down this site, as I have noticed, it takes so long to load anything on this site ever since those quizzes popped,
    GTQ Guy, you got to fix these issues up
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    ICEE CHILL Advanced
    Seriously Sim, you're starting to piss me off with all your spam question marks. *throws a rock at you*
  • chocolatefrog Junior
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    GTQ Guy Advanced
    It looks like in the span of 1 day the Essex quiz got 54,000 likes on Facebook, and all the extra traffic was killing the server for awhile. Those are some crazy numbers man!
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    Mistyheart13 Experienced
    We've discovered the Essex quiz was a hack quiz and might've carried a virus. The quizzes forced GTQ to slow down and almost nobody could get on. It took 45 minutes to put a single post.

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