I want a gtq gf

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Thread Topic: I want a gtq gf

  • DCgirl Novice
    than go back to offbeat.
  • The stopper Newbie
    Whats yo peoples fav colour
  • Jade Black Experienced
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    Sage Parson Junior
    Purple, black, white and Silver. :P
  • DCgirl Novice
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    Xavier Novice
    Why in the hell is everyone so despeate? e.e
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    The Geek Junior
    Alot of this site is girls. Would you walk up to a random girl irl and say "I wanna girlfriend" ? I hope not.....
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    Surkiakia RB Novice
    well im single and im 17 so..... message me! if you want....... -_-.
  • DCgirl Novice

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