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  • hanxbmx Newbie
    Beware this mite b confusing.
    Ok so I liked this guy and he didn't like me back but was still my friend. Then I stopped liking him and a few days later one my best guy friends asked me out and told me he likes me. He asked if we were a "couple" and I said yes. I didn't rele mean to say yes though so now he thinks were together. I wanna go back to liking the first guy because I liked liking him. Can I go back to liking him with out causing drama????
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    I don't know.. I hate drama.
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    Moyashi Advanced
    I didn't think it was supposed to be an 'on/off' switch thing. -.- If you decide not to like him and then like him again because you 'liked liking him', then you obviously don't like him at all.
  • Well give him a chance. See if he's a good bf and treats you right. Maybe stick with him and try to not wrry about the guy u used to like. Don't think of the past of who you like. Think now. Think u have a bf that likes you. So stick with him for awhile and if you don't like the way he treats you say you wanna be friends
  • hanxbmx Newbie
    I'm Srry but I went against all the previous answers I like the first guy but iv learned not to tell anyone who i like so no one will know n
  • Zia Blackwood Newbie
    Ok well.....try these....
    1. Dump whoever your with if you havent already
    2. Flirt as much as you can with the boy you liked
    3. He may end up liking you back
    4. Wait for him to ask you out

    These tips should help because I did them and I hav my
    dream guy! :)
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  • hanxbmx Newbie
    haha zia blakcwood i will do that!
    well everyone in my class knows i like him but him and his best friend.
    today he was asking me who i like and im like no one! so they tried to guess and i said no for everyone.

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