When you love someone

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Thread Topic: When you love someone

  • Wicked13666 Newbie
    It hurts like a b----.
  • JuliaIsJinxed Newbie
    Sorry :[ Been there. It sucks.
    Wish I could help, but all you can really do is carry on and let the stinging fade. Good luck [:

    Read my thread? [:
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    Phoenix Night Novice
    and it sucks oh so bad
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    harpusrox7 Experienced
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    xendocheionology Experienced
    It's happened my entire life bro, and it's easy to cope with after a day or two in my opinion.
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    dannylover321 Novice
    I HATE WHEN THAT HPPENED I LOVE [YES LOVE] 2guys and they i know 4 a fact they dont like me or love 4 that matterr

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