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Thread Topic: What would you do

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    BloodOnMyHands Experienced
    Don't kill me I'm not the guy

    If you were 17 and your boyfriend was 19. You send him nudes of your boobs and Skype called with him a sexual thing once

    You guys break up

    The guy leaks your nudes to his friends out of anger that you dumped him.

    But like

    You sent those when you were 17. Now you are 18 and did not send nudes during your 18th year because you guys broke up right after you turned 18 since you were studying abroad.

    Is that not child p 0 rn distribution even if you voluntarily sent them thinking he'd wank and delete?

    Would you press charges? Why or why not?

    Leave aside all the bulls--- of him talking about you two sleeping together during your 4 year relationship and dropping all your kinks to the world
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    Faceless Knight Experienced
    i think that technically counts as cp
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    ello Advanced
    Well technically that's child por n, and anyone who's involved is is in the wrong. The girl, the guy, the friends

    The girl should press charges

    At the beginning of the year the police and principal explained this to us

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