this guy at school is kind of obsessed with me

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Thread Topic: this guy at school is kind of obsessed with me

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    but I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm a girl

    understandable since I'm trans and I have a high voice but I mean. I'm very obviously a guy. my name is Seth. come on man

    don't worry, next time I see him I'll tell him I'm a dude but I just thought you guys would find it funny
    hate to be the one to tell a man he's gay but you gotta do what you gotta do
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    well update
    he knew I'm a guy
    he told me he liked me
    and I had to turn him down
    I feel terrible for him
    and now this thread is very sad
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    I relate to you on this situation it's definitely very uncomfortable sometimes to do so.
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    I feel really bad for him but I'm not gonna lie, he kind of creeped me out a little?
    like when I think about him I get this sick feeling
    but idk if that's because I'm weirded out or just the extreme guilt I feel

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