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    Moonflower786 Novice
    As some of you know I am bisexual, and my mum has a problem with that.
    She doesn't have a problem with gays/lesbians, she just can't deal with bis for son reason. I think it's because she thinks that bisexual is a more socially acceptable way of me saying that I'm lesbian, and she always wanted me to have my own kids. I'm really in the dark... Please help me
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    Magical Nonsense Advanced
    You can still have kids regardless of the sex of the person you marry. They may not be 100% biological, but you can still have children. That also shouldn't be the only reason why you "can't be bisexual" according to your mother. You can like more than one sex. Some people do use that label to hide the fact that they are homosexual in order to feel socially accepted, and it's a major reason why there's such a stigma. That doesn't apply to everyone. You are not everyone.

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