Describe your dream child and their parent!

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Thread Topic: Describe your dream child and their parent!

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    Topaz Advanced
    Okay,my dream child would have silver hair, my blue colored eyes, and his father would be Kakashi Hatake from Naruto. Our son would would have awesome ninja skills and would eventually become the Hokage!

    Anyone else? Hopefully someone with a dream more ridiculous than mine?
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    I always thought Brick from The Middle would be a great son, but that's probably because I relate to him in a lot of ways. x3

    As far as the dad goes, I don't really know. Someone kind and funny.
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    TayuyaTerra Novice
    First off: I want five kids,all boys though. All of their names start with a 'Z' and their father would be like that dude in '50 shades of Grey'.

    Is that wierd?
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    Puppet master12 Experienced
    My dream children woukd be twin girls lilly rrn and rin

    Lilly den has light blonde hair iced blue eyes and is a poison user

    Rin has Crimson hair Amber eyes and zues's sealing

    A son called Haku with black hair red eyes and be a water user

    Their father would be Sasori
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    dogsbuddy Advanced
    My dream children are my husbands other kid, (because his old mom treated him badly) and a set of twins Freddy and Jade. Their father would be Vegeta.
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    Kalafina Novice
    My husband would be Jackson form Got7 so our children will be half Korean. I will name my child Sawako and she will have long and curly hair. :p
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    Pure Experienced
    I have a heart for children who are hurting so I want to just adopt like forty children from the foreign country's I vist. As far as parents go I don't really know, I don't think about that because as far as I am concerned if I am supposed to be married then I will be but if not I am fine living alone my whole life. (Seeing as I won't really be alone [that is not open for interpretation])

    That is my dream. :-)

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