if you are a 12 year old single come in this thread

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Thread Topic: if you are a 12 year old single come in this thread

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    wolf_heart Junior
    Wow. Um, immature much? Minecraft rocks, you seem 9, you shouldn't date at this age. Stay off the internent if you're going to be all butthurt about some people.
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    paris you should play a mod called feed the beast... well you'll have to download the launcher or the cracked launcher :p
  • Jesus,stop bullying cant you see this kid just wants someone to understand him.
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    niceguy i've been through fuking heart breaks and i still have problems eating
  • Yeah what's wrong with this kid he doesn't like minecraft?
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    Renee_ Novice
    Everyone has their own opinion...
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    .... What did I just read?
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    slytherin queeen Advanced
    I took your quiz to see what kind of person you are... PAHAHA got about 30% I guess~ (Killyourself. :I )

    Get a life, Little s---. Relationship is about Love, Care, True friendship, etc; Not just two fake little babies having cyber sex.
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    Chloe12 Novice
    Hi I scored 51 per cent on ur quiz dog lover :)
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    Ohhh, you're twelve...that explains the rodent thing. Anyways, I'm around there and single, but I don't really want a relationship like that right now. Here. Have a cookie.

    Much Love and Good Wishes from Killjoy

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