When did you first get a Girlfriend/Boyfriend?

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Thread Topic: When did you first get a Girlfriend/Boyfriend?

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    Moyashi Senior
    ...14 I think. :B

    I'm way happier with Arisu than with that person though.
  • Flyinghorsey Newbie
    Well, I have a crush in 6th grade but no real boyfriend
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    anri hyuga Advanced
    14 and I'm still dating him.
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    DeathStar321 Experienced
    Serious? Never. Hoping to get one? 16, if I'm lucky
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    LetsBeFriends Novice
    WELL, honestly, i want one when im ready to be married.....if im looking for a boyfriend, that's gonna be after i turn 18...
  • 2phb Newbie
    10. But at age 11 I dated a guy and were still 2gether.
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    Appayipyip42 Senior
    Well, considering the time it took me to learn to make friends, 14 years, and the time it takes the average person, 7 years (I think), and the typical age of the average person when they get a date (14?), that is either +7 years from learning to make friends or twice the age at which they first made friends.
    So somewhere between 21-28 probably. Plus or minus 2 years.
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    Appayipyip42 Senior
    AKA I'm socially retarded.
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    Home gurl Experienced
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    blacky chan Experienced
    I think 10 or11
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    sweetbunny480 Experienced
    My real first boyfriend...I think I was 10-11
    my first girlfriend....I think I was 11
  • ladylaughalot Newbie

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