So I don't normally post here, but...

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Thread Topic: So I don't normally post here, but...

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    Unexpected Novice
    So, I'm not going to go into a long story of all the people I like, and how complicated this is-let's just take this as a given: this is confusing, I'm confused. This is one part of it.
    I'm in an elective class at my high school. I met three new guys while taking it, all who are seniors. one of them happens to sit at my lunch table, though he can be sort of obnoxious. Anyways, we'll call the kid at my lunch table A. So, one of the 2 other guys I sit near lives down my street as it turns out, and he's pretty cool. We'll say he's B. And the third guy happens to be pretty gorgeous. We'll call him Z.
    Anyways, over the first two quarters, mostly me, B, and Z have talked a lot, not so much the kid at my lunch table as...well, he's a character.
    I don't now if he particularly joins into our conversations, or makes a point of it, so...yeah.

    Anyways, B and Z and I have become pretty good friends, even though I'm a sophmore and they are seniors. (people at my school can be really wierd about grades) They're both really funny, though Z with a more sarcastic humor, which I totally get, and on him, it's halarious. We get into little banters, and in the end, we're both smiling, even if it was a bad day. When I'm around Z, I just get this little uncontrollable smile on my face, and it's not blushing, just...happy.
    The thing is, he's on the hockey team, and one of those popular guys. When he's around me, sometimes he'll just mention how he doesn't have a girlfriend, or complain jokingly about how unfair it is, and I'll tease him back or just raise an eyebrow at him. But he doesn't seem to realize that when he walks into class, half the girls nearly pass out or start to drool.
    And me? I'm just me. Not in the popular crowd, but I don't like to refer to myself in any crowd. It's just be myself, hang with friends, whatever.

    Outside of class, though, we talked once. I mean, sometimes we'll see each other in the halls, and I can feel him looking at me. Not like in a creepy way, just...looking.

    Like I said, he's a more popular guy, but I have a way of making things real, by making a joke about the things he does-which a lot of other people say make him cool, and it makes him feel just like he can be whoever, I think.
    while he feels that way, though, there's me, who feels like I'm always being measured up. And...while people are going to do it whether I care or not, normally I don't care. I'm very much my own person, more of a rebelish personality. So it's wierd.
    Anyways, it's really complicated.

    Here's the complicatedness:
    Like I said, when he walks into the room, practically all the girls start to drool. This one girl in the row ahead obviously likes him. I thought she was nice, and I think she really is, she's just...jealous. I didn't know if Matt had realized, but I wasn't going to tell him- as if he liked her, he would pay more attention, and it wasn't my place to rat out the girl's secret, even if she hadn't "officially told me" in the first place.
    Anyways, so the kid at my lunch table- A. I sat down on Wednesday or Thurs., and he sits across from me. So I was like, "hey."
    Then A is like, "What are you looking at?"
    as it turns out Z had just walked into the cafeteria, and I actually hadn't been looking for him, just for my friend who sits with us, but then, obviously, I couldn't say. Then A is like, "Oh, Z's here!" I just nod and am like, "Yeah...he does have lunch this period, you know..."
    and he's like, "you know, Z doesn't have a girlfriend right now."
    (at the beginning of the year A kept telling me Z had a gf, though I didn't really care, though I suspected A liked me--_-)
    And I'm just like, "Um...yeah?" I knew, but it's like, why is this important?
    A's says, "Yeah, he single. You know-" I cut him off as I had a feeling he was going to ask if I liked Z or something, so I'm just like, "Practically all the girls in business class faint when he walks in. He'll have no problem finding another girl he likes."

    My friend walked in then, so we talked for a bit, then A brought the topic up again. So I'm just like, "You know, I'm pretty sure Z knows that at least one girl in the rows in front likes him. He'll be fine. Plus, being single hasn't killed anyone."
    A's like, "I know. -mentions the girl who likes him- and says- I told him she liked him, but he didn't care."
    I just shrug.
    A- "He didn't like her."
    My friend and I exchange a glance, and my friends like, "Why is this so important?"
    I shrugged.
    A-"You should date Z."
    Me. "WHAT?!?!?!?"
    smirk from A.
    A-"Yeah, he's single."
    Me- "Just because he's single does not mean either he or I like each other."
    End of conversation.

    As I was talking to my friend later, she's like, "Well, maybe Z told A because he knew that A would tell you."
    Me? I shrugged. Doubt it. Or do I? I don't know.

    Friday, my keyboard for the class was mysteriously stolen*cough cough* by B. So, I had changed seats for the day to a few rows up. I was working with the people in that row, and all of a sudden, I hear B ask, "Hey, where'd she go?"

    Gee, thanks. Nothing like finally noticing I'm missing half an hour later.
    Anyways, then Z's just like, "She's right there." I glanced back and see Z looking right at me, with a small smile that still makes my stomache clench thinking about it. I smiled back and waved.
    Then over the past few days thinking about when we made eye contact in the hallways....

    anyways, thoughts?
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    Sage Parson Junior

    Let me think about it.

    I'll get back to you.
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    Kirby Junior
    Are you asking a question or writing a novel? o.O
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    @Kirby, that was my first thought too.
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    Unexpected Novice
    Yeah. My thoughts get jumbled. This is a way of sorting them out. I'll go with a novel. Much more exciting that way- and most end with a happy ending.
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    Nialler34 Novice
    I think you should ask Matt out. I think he likes you... and you sorta kinda have feelings for him. Maybe it could be a cutesy relationship. You never know till you try. So you two should date.
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    Unexpected Novice
    lol, I know, sorry. But the operative words were "...long story of all the people I like..."
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    coolme3 Senior
    It seems like Z probably told A he likes you or something, and thats why he told you to go out with him. I guess try to hang out with Z more and see what happens. I dunno about asking him out right away, I think maybe just hang out with him outside of school, doesnt have to be dating, and just see how it goes and go from there
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    Unexpected Novice
    ur right, that sounds best. i don't even know my own feelings for him. it gets more complicated than this, but I'm not even going to try explaining that.

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