If you could be in an anime/manga/etc of some sort...

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Thread Topic: If you could be in an anime/manga/etc of some sort...

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    Dark22978 Advanced
    Hard. I'd want to be Pride, but no.

    I want to be Winry from FMA. :3
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    Wcrocks Novice
    Wolf's Rain! I'm not done with the series though...so I don't know
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    Hephaestuschild Hot Shot
    I want to be a Zombie from Sankarea.

    Or a Vampire Ninja from Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka.
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    Marks9Brigade Novice
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    envy101fmaxD Novice
    @ dark
    really? Winry over the strongest homunculus?? (i hate admitting envy isnt the strongest :() but honestly? Winry is an annoying temperamental crybaby! pride is like EPIC
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    Br0wnies Junior
    Pokemon, (for some odd reason, Pokemon just "talks to me" it sounds awkward, but it is just so interesting, and it catches my attention.) XP
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    Kepler Novice
    I think I would actually do quite well in the Soul Eater universe. Perhaps as a Meister? I actually have a lot in common with Maka Albarn.
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    wolf75677 Novice
    Inuyasha. I'd fit well in his 'universe'

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