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    Children who Chase Lost Voices- Fantasy, adventure

    Garden of Words- romanceish
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    I never thought I'd be into it, but Initial D is some really enthralling stuff. I usually don't like racing but the races are cool because of the drifting.
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    choko tenshi esukareiya
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    SMT Tokyo Revelations is a waste of time.. Such a bad ova Jesus
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    Yoi Morgan Novice
    If you dont mind i will add some
    Vampire Knight-Romance, Fantasy
    Inuyasha-Romance, Action, Fantasy
    Naruto-Romance, Action, Fantasy
    Ummmm I have to look at my watch list *sigh* I have just watched too much.... Oh WAIT
    Fruit Baskets-Romance, Funny, Fantasy
    Sword Art Online-Romance, Fanasty, Action
    Sword Art Online 2-Romance, Action, Fantasy

    Wait I have a question where do you watch anime.... Nexflix just doesn't habe many any more cause I have watched them all

    Fairy Tail-Maybe Romance, Action, Funny, Fantasy
    Attack on Titan (my first anime)- Action, Fantasy

    I will add more later
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    Crunchy Roll, Gogo anime, and kiss anime are some good places to find more than Netfloxs selection. Youll find stuff old and new. Some recommendations to get ya started on those sites (particularly gogo anime) are Neon Genesis Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, Shiki, Parasyte, and Ajin. If those are too much you can never go wrong with Clannad, Astro Boy, and Vampire Princess Miyu.
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    Yoi Morgan Junior
    Ok Thanks,

    I have tried kiss anine and crunchy roll and didn't like them to much because I couldn't figure out what to do on the sites or it costed money
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    Zeta Gundam
    Kickass honestly, is my favorite followed by Thunderbolt
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    Rewatching Soul Eater. Considering switching to the manga soon.
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    Luv myself Experienced
    If you're just starting to watch anime, here are some good suggestions!

    RWBY- Action, a little Romance I guess.
    Bleach- Action, Romance, Fantasy
    Fairy Tail- Action, Romance(ish), Fantasy
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    Gojira: Planet of Monsters
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    I haven't been talking about much manga in here.. I should rectify this.

    Soul Eater: Anime ends differently (ending in the anime is kinda anticlimactic.) Arcs in the manga are more developed. The art is awesome. Characters get further development.

    Metro Survive- A short story about a group of people who become stranded in the metro lines after an earthquake. The story deals with the issues of greed causing design oversight, selfishness, etc
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    I can never recommend any manga more than the Megaman NT Warrior manga. That manga is awesome. The anime was dumb. The manga follows the Battle Network games but makes some changes. There's more focus on Bass than there was in the games.
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    Perfect Blue- Satoshi Kon's psychological thriller about an idol who becomes an actress. Black Swan was sort of "inspired" by this flick.

    Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade- A violent story set in a timeline where Germany won wwii and invaded Japan. The story focuses on an elite soldier who becomes disillusioned with the cause he's fighting for.
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    Sniperlazy Novice
    Perfect blue is good

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