who's your favorite Anime character

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Thread Topic: who's your favorite Anime character

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    Bonnie Fan Novice
    Mines Natsu from fairy tale
  • Mad Marlin Newbie
    Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece
  • Minato Newbie
    Minato he is the fastest hokage
    and kakashi because he never show off just like me...
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    Paige_ Junior
    I like L from Death Note but I also like Gohan or Trunks or Goku or Broly from DBZ.
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    _Raven_ Experienced

    just kidding
    I don't really have a specific one
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    Cheese4M3 Experienced
    Juuzou Suzuya From Tokyo Ghoul.
    He is such a crazy lil s--- he's so adorable oml I love him so much
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    Matmail Experienced
    Tear from Unlimited Fafnir
    Kotori from Date A Live
    Enju from Black Bullet
    Sakura from Hundred

    Idol animes (Pretty Rhythm), drama animes (K-ON!!) and MORE-MORE!
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    rvelez Hot Shot
    Too many to name. I have no favorite. How could you ask me this?!
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    Taku from Chaos;Head
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    absol heart Hot Shot
    Kakashi Hatake - Naruto
  • Infinity 1000 Novice
    (^that's ovious absol)
    Gohan from Dragon Ball Z
    Emiah (Archer) of Fate/ staynight: unlimited blade works
    Minato of Naruto
    Shion of Date a liv
    (I'll add more later)
  • Pikachu from Pokemon
    Charizard from Pokemon
    Legendaries also from Pokemon
    (I'm a HUGE and i mean HUGE fan of Pokemon!!!!!!)

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