All you Hetalia fans..

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Thread Topic: All you Hetalia fans..

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    FireSoul Advanced
    I always hear things about Hetalia and it seems really cool and I would love to watch it but I have no idea what its about so could you please describe it for me? I'd just like an idea of what its about c:
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    Well, it's a bunch of countries, turned into charecters, and they feud and fight abd otherwise entertain by doing funny shiz~
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    And they commonly are converted in yaoi pairings
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    CherryBombRiots Experienced
    Hetalia is full of personifications of nations, like Mia said. It lightly touches over history and the interactions these countries have, often depicting them in generally stereotypical ways but also celebrating the differences as others. It's basically a comedy anime, which gives quite a bit of freedom to fans to interpret and create ideas and work of their own, at least how I see it. Whether it's romance, dark history, cute happy fluffy things, or even alternative worlds, Hetalia's a fun anime to get into for the variety and humor you can find in it.

    Damn, I just went all dictionary on all your butts... xD
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    ...What Ana said :P
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    envy101fmaxD Novice
    Its basically about the countries of the world (primarily europe america and asia)interacting. It is rather stereotyped (Germany being extremely cold and robust, America being a junk food eating slob, Canada being horribly shy, Italy being a pasta eating coward) but hilarious.

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