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This Quiz will determan your fortnite skills with hard hitting questions. Scars, Grenades and guns. Also if Ali A does this quiz I am sorry for talking about you like I have. You do not use Clickbait.

Fortnite players all come and play this quiz you may know some you may not. GOOBAGABASTYGYGYTGTGTGT&G&G&TG TGGHDSSDDEEEEHYTGH&HUYHYHUYHY&GRFE$DRTGYUUJM.

Created by: Crackedgamer

  1. Quizzesmusthavebetween10and60questions.Gotit!What is the best weapon in the game???
  2. What map has just been added???
  3. Which is free. Save the World or Battle Royal
  4. Who is better?
  5. Where do you start in Fortnite Battle Royal
  6. What is the smallest weapon in the game?
  7. Is Crackedgamer awesome???
  8. What is better Grey AR or Scar?
  9. Shotgun or AR
  10. Did Fortnite Copy PUBG

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