Forever and Always pt.1

*PLEASE READ* Okay so this is my first quiz and series. so please spare me if you dont like it, also idk if i should continue this or not if so please comment.

GUYS DESCRPITION: Alex: Black hair, Ocean blue eyes, tan, tall, well built, and a flirt. Nick: Dark brown hair, violet eyes, tanish-palish, tall, well built, and charming. Chris: Blond hair w/ black streaks, Hazel eys, nice tan, tall, lean but medium well built, and protective Jason: Black hair, soft green eyes, pale,lean but well built, tall, and a gentlemen.

Created by: 33iZZy18

  1. Okay before i start off with this thing i want to describe who you are okay you are 16 years old and don't have any family except for you little 6year old brother. Your parents were shot in front of you by some gangbangers when you were 14 years old and your brother was 4. you had no other family so you both were sent into foster care, they were going to separate you and your brother but you wouldnt allow that and you ran away with him. long story short you both moved to new york and you work full time as a waitress.
  2. Today was a slow going day for you, you had the usuals and no tips so far. Your mananger was constantly on your back. lets just say today isnt a good day. You started playing with your pure silver locket, this was the only memory you have left of your old pefect life. inside was a picture of you, your brother, and your parents. You would open it almost every night to show your little brother the parents he never really knew. "____! theres a group of guys totally cheaking you out!" you snap out of trance and stare at Jenn "What?" "Look!" she started squelling. "They're the same guys from yesterday! Now i know one of them are after you!" you blush "No they're not." "Im going to give this one to you." You started panicing "Um-you know, im not feeling so hot today... and *Cough cough* i dont want to get sued for gett-""You are a strong, beautiful, independent woman! and now its time you start acting like it!" she shoved some menus into your arms and pushed you in their direction "Have fun!" she winked and walked away. you turn in their direction 'Okay ____ 5 minutes till Willy gets here and 1 hour till your shift is over' you start walking.
  3. You start walking to their table and don't make any eye contact with either of them. you get to their table and start giving out the menus "Hi my name is ____ and i will be your server today, can i get any of you anything to drink?" "Yes, it would like a nice big glass of you." you turn to guy #1 and he has ocean blue eyes that you can stare into forever, you try to hide your blush. "Er-Sir, i don't think thats menu..." "Fine I'll just take a coke." he winks and goes back to his menu. you nod and turn to guy #2 who has the most enchanting shade of violet eyes"I'll just have a water, thank you." You turn to guy #3 who has soft green eyes that makes you feel all fuzy inside. "I'll take a ____ mikshake." You smile because ____ milkshake is your favorite too. You turn to guy #4 who has Hazel eyes that makes you feel Safe "I'll just have a Sprite." he smiles and which makes you blush. you nod and walk away.
  4. Jenn is waiting for you by the cash register "So, which one is after you?" You smile and blush thinking about the them "I honestly dont know... it seems as if they all took interest in me." Her eyes widen and quickly glance at them "And they're all hella fine... dam girl! save some guys for the rest of us." You laugh and start filling the drinks. You hear someone walk in, you turn around see your little brother take his usual seat on the counter. Jenn gets a peice of cake and gives it to him "Sup little willy, how was school?" He smiles and takes a bite of his cake "It was great! I made the soccer team and i passed the spelling test!" You hug him from behind and kiss him on the cheek "____! Did you hear? i made the soccer team and i passed the spelling test!" You look into his big brown innocent eyes "Yes i did hear and i am so proud of you! Let me just give these drinks to those guys and I'll be back to get you some milk." You hug him again and start walking towards the guys.
  5. The guys look a little confused while your serving the drinks. "Uh- Not to be rude or anything but is that your...son?" Guy#2 asked You laugh and shake your head, you get this kinda question all the time. "No, i did not have him at ten, he's my little brother." they all seem relived i little Guy#3 ask "Where are your parents?" You stiffen and give out the rest of the drinks "I'm sorry but i have to go, my shift is over. I'll get another server for you." You start to walk away "Wait!" they all say at the same time. Guy#3 gets up from his chair and stands a foot away from you. "I'm sorry i asked that, that was to personal i hop-" You hear a scream and and turn around and see Jenn on the floor with a pool of blood surrounding her and see your little brother kicking and screaming as hooded figures are taking him away "NO!"
  6. You run towards them as they walk out the door. all the sudden your thrown backwards towards the wall. You groan in pain and see them getting into a black van. You run outside and kick one of the guys in the balls and he screams in pain and falls down. Two guys hold you back, while the others are taking your brother. The two guys throw you into the van and hold you down. "Hello ____, nice to see you again." You look up and see a man. At first he dosn't look familiar. then someone turns one the light and you see his face. He's the man who mudered your parents.
  7. All the sudden your filled with anger "You son of a b----!" You start fighting to get up to protect your brother and to kick some a--. He motions for the two guys so hold you up in a sitting position and slaps you right across your face. You see your little brother crying while being held back by one of the hooded figures. "Please... not in front of my brother." You whisper. He laughs. You feel stupid for asking that, you know that he will never show any type of kindness. "You disgusting basterd." He stops laughing and holds a knife to your brother neck. You panic and studder out "I'll do what you want just leave him alone." he smiles with satisfaction. "I'm tired of explaining what i want to all these ignorant people just leave her." All the sudden the doors fly open and they're about to throw you out when you say "Wait! What about my brother?!" He smiles again "I think we'll keep him till you find what im looking for." Tears start running down your face and you get confused but you'de rather not waste your time with asking anymore questions. "Let me atleast say bye!"
  8. You look at your brother then back at him with pleading eyes. "Fine, just make it quick." The men let go of you and you walk towards your brother in tears. You hug him and he hugs you back you know it will be stupid for you to try to make a run for it with your brother.
  9. You depart from the hug. "_____ can we go home now?" More tears start forming in your eyes and your heart is breaking. "No, we can't go home yet." He looks at you confused. "Will you stay with me?" then you start tearing up more but you didnt want to show your brother your pain. "Willy, listen to me, they are going to take you and i will not be with you. so, you have to stay strong and we will see each other very soon. but you have to promise me, that you'll never lose hope." he starts crying "I promise... you pinky promise you'll come back?" you smile and curl your pinky around him. "I pinky promise." then you remebr the locket. you take it off and put it around his neck. "You will forever be in my heart, and I will always Find you." then someone grabs you and your brother trys to follow you but is held back. they throw you outside in front of the restrant then you hear your brother scream "I promise!" then the doors shut and the van speeds off aound the corner.
  10. You just sit there... you're in shock. You couldn't belaive what just happend. You curl into a fetal position and lay there in the middle of the empty road. You feel yourself being picked up by muscular arms. You keep mumbling to yourself. "You will forever be in my heart, and i will always find you..."

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