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  • No other comments? *sad face* well, I'll add to the number. This is interesting so far, and (as always) the bad boy, Drake, is pulling me more than Vincent. I just have a really bad habit of leaning toward the misunderstood types who you have to figure out ._. don't ask me why XD

    One last thing. After a long delay, I finally did get around to resuming the GTQ Writer Network Celebrity Spotlight quizzes. I released one on me earlier today, and I just released one with my choice of person. I really strongly suggest you should check it out! The name of the quiz is "GTQ writer network celebrity spotlight: singin234" Enjoy!

  • Yay! First comment! I'm so glad you made part 2! And also, how long do you stay on vacation? Part 2 was great! Make Part 3 soon! PLEASE????

  • Ok your spelling is ticking me off. Its ANGEL not ANGLE. Ok I'm good other than that its pretty good :)

  • It was really good! I can't wait for the next part!


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