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So please read. It would mean a lot to me if you would read. What? What am saying? I dont know anymore all i know is,is that 11:34 and I'm litsening to a

Sad song. Wait time to change it.ehh foster the people thats better. Not really i've heard this song a million times. Changing it.Plain white ts. Ill litsen to that

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  1. Okay this is for all of you awesome people who read my series. I seriously love you guys. I didnt think any one would read it when I first started but you did. And your guys awesome coments would always make me so happy.
  2. So that was the good part...Now the bad part
  3. I have No time to write anymore. I have no more free time anymore. Whenever I do its like at Mid-Night and I'm not in the moad to write.So first i wanna thank you for putting up with me. I know the parts have been coming out in random times and not as frequently. I feel super bad about it.
  4. I decieded that I am going to stop writing A hunger games story. I am really sorry,I feel really bad like i am letting you down.
  5. Okay that was the bad part, time for another good part
  6. I am looking for someone to take,over the series. I am really hoping someone will be able to. If you want to...well you would be a life saver. If you do leave me a coment or cotact me in the forums please.
  7. So if you are interrested then please go in the literature forum. I have set up for you to leave a reply. The only requirments are that you have read all parts of my series and i would love it if you leave me a small piece of writing about indigos actions in the arena. Like what do you think they will be like.
  8. I know that its a lot to ask but please it would mean so much to me if someone could take this series over. I feel like I'm letting everyone down
  9. So thats all i have to say. I really aprecate you readers. You guys ars awesome beyond words. I hope your not mad at me. I LOVE YOU GUYS
  10. BYE

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