folk nation gd test

Are you Folk Nation GD or IGD? Then take this test to see if you are a fake or a real b.o.s If you know you aint bout dat life dont even bother taking this test

Larry Hoover, King David, Shorty, Cobra,Salmon, and Red.The 6 kings you must live by. FOLK NATION 74 GD,974 IGD,1207 ATG, thesse are some in 1207 ATG. a new set

Created by: 1207 Atg

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  1. whats behind the moon?
  2. why do we bang on a full moon?
  3. what does K S.W.I.S.S meen?
  4. what do you do when you reach Hoovers castle?
  5. how long you been down?
  6. how many steps to gangster city?
  7. how many steps back?
  8. what is O.G?
  9. what color is your heart
  10. where is gangster city?
  11. whats under your bed
  12. whats in your backyard?

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