First Period quiz

This quiz will hopefully help you predict your period. If it doesn't work for you I'm sorry, but I just spaced it off of my life experience. Everyone is different so don't worry if you don't get it right away.

Answer these questions honestly because no one will see them! Don't try to make your answers the way you want, get the answer that's meant for you.

Created by: Katie

  1. How old are you?
  2. Umm. Sooo. Pubic hair? (On you're vajaja)
  3. Weight
  4. How old was you're mom/sister when she got it? If you don't know, take your best guess or ask! They'll under stand you!
  5. Bra size and BE HONEST! If u don't wear or don't need padded bras your a AA or AAA
  6. Have you then in a bad mood lately?
  7. Discharge?
  8. How long have you had it for? (Discharge)
  9. Have you been feeling bloated?
  10. This doesn't affect your score but do you want it
  11. This doesn't count either but how many of your friends have it

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