Finding Harry Potter links? Click here!

Hello Harry Potter fans! Finding a suitable link to take some quizzes or tests to find out which patronus, wand, house and ilvernomy house you are in/have? Come here and find out!

This ‘quiz’ (it is not really a quiz) is not officially done just yet. You might want to come back soon. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for coming here anyways and please enjoy!

Created by: Thingy

  1. First link is Pottermore. It is the official and the author apporoves it. It tells you what your house, wand, ilvernomy house and patronus is!
  2. Next, i have created this one! [no urls] url not allowed i am so sorry 😐
  3. Now, since you are here, you may be finding which hogwarts house you are in. You can click the icon on the right side of the screen and then click popular. Next, you will come to this page where you will find loads of quizzes on it. All types are here!
  4. On google, you may want to type on what you are finding for. They have everything!
  5. I have just realise the one with url did not exist! I am so sorry. You could click popular on the icon i said earlier, scroll down and go to recent. If you are fortunate you might find it. It is called Harry Potter Sorting Hat Quiz by Hufflepuffgirl!
  6. Next link, wizardmore. It has the Pottermore repicas and their own extended quizzes/tests.
  7. that enough links? Tell me in the comments section!
  8. Rate this too!
  9. They want 10 Questions. Not really a question haha 😂 but anyway joke time! You may ask, how would you rate Harry Potter upon 10? For me i will rate it 9 and 3 quaters!I find it boring now...Knock knock!Who is there?You know!You know who?Voldemort.Aaaaaaahahahahahhahahhhhh!!!!!
  10. Just bought a lego harry potter set. You should go buy it. Go go.

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