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As an inspired artist from the time I was a young little girl. I have always wanted to make people happy from what I do. Whether its being creative or artistic. And for this, I wanted to make a quiz for the people who appreciate cartoons like I do.

Like mentioned before, I said I was an artist, still am. Possible Illustrator or maybe even Animator in the future, but anyway, I'd love to make this test for people who appreciate Steven Universe and etc.

Created by: Amethyst
  1. Quick! A gem monster is about to attack! What do you do?!?
  2. "You clods..." Peridot says while sticking out her tongue at you with a sneering smile. What are you thinking?
  3. Pearl is in her room, you see her crying while standing on her water fountain-like structure. What do you do?
  4. Ruby walks in Steven's house suddenly and completely knocks the whole door down while being obviously being ANGRY. Whats your response to this?
  5. Amethyst turns on some techno music outside on the beach and starts dancing. Wanna dance with me?
  6. Hamburger or Hotdog?
  7. Its raining in BeachCity and you have no umbrella, AND you're outside! What now?
  8. Steven comes into the living room and hands you a RingPop! What are you gonna say?
  9. A bright blue light flashes on the ocean of BeachCity as Lapis Lazuli slowly crawls exhaustedly out, her hair is a mess and broken shackles on her wrists from escaping Jasper's forceful wrath of being Malachite. What are you going to do?
  10. Garnet unfuses and you accidentally walk in on Ruby and Sapphire smoochin' it up. What's your response if you walked in?

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