Find the best horse breed for you 2

Take this quiz to find our what kind of horse would be best for you. This time I included pony breeds as well, and for the last question I fixed the bug about "do you even want a horse."

Ok, so there's this new option about do you even want a horse, so if you don't just click the no button. Thanks for trying the quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Just a Horse lover
  1. What are you looking for in a horse?
  2. How good of a rider are you?
  3. How tall are you in your opinion?
  4. What size horse do you want? (disregarding your own size)
  5. What color horse do you want?
  6. Which type of riding do you do?
  7. How old would you want your horse to be?
  8. What kind of name would you name your horse?
  9. What gender do you want your horse to be?
  10. Do you even want a horse?

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